CTA-UWO Faculty Professional Development Fund

Application Guidelines and General Policies

Each year the Clinical Teachers Association (CTA) for Western University provides its members the opportunity to apply for funding to support their professional development. This contest is open to CTA Members for development courses, projects or other interests, that will enhance the member’s or their department’s ability in teaching, administration or other proven professional development.

The deadline is August 19, 2022. Awards will be announced and funds distributed September 2022.

  • Only members of the UWO Clinical Teachers Association are eligible to apply.
  • Priority will be given to applications that clearly demonstrate the anticipated benefit to the individual which may include but not limited to: an enhancement of the individual’s ability in research, teaching, or administration (each of these areas are of equal value), as well as, its contribution to the department/division as a whole.
  • A letter of support from the faculty member’s Department/Division Chair is required.
  • A member may apply more than one year, however a minimum of 3 years between awards is required. Exceptions may be made for past recipients who did not fully utilize all funding.

The following will NOT be supported:

  1. Research projects/support
  2. Financial support related to sabbatical leaves
  3. Reimbursement of faculty developmental activities that have taken place prior to application deadline
  4. Reimbursement of lost income
  5. Financial support for Graduate Studies (Master/Phd)
  6. Conferences are not supported

Submit completed applications by midnight August 19, 2022
Any applications received following the deadline will not be adjudicated.

Adjudication will be performed by the CTA-UWO Board, as well as, possible ad-hoc invitations to referees with expertise in the field pertinent to the application.

A written report describing the completed project is REQUIRED within 12 months of receiving funds. Reports are to be sent to kelly.peters@schulich.uwo.ca.

Grants will be distributed to the faculty member’s department for distribution.

Application Form

  1. Mini-CV: maximum two pages, information relevant to this application
  2. Budget: detail costs e.g. tuition, travel costs (in keeping with OMA mileage (currently $0.49/km) and travel cost regulations; include additional funds by other sources, if applicable) OMA Expense Policy
  3. Description of Project: Maximum two pages
  4. Letter of support from Department/Division Head
  5. Accepted File Types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pdf, .txt